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Roots of Love

Roots of Love is a relationship workshop presented by a collaboration between Kelly Ryan, LCPC at KR Counseling and Molly Basta, LCPC at Bozeman Supportive Counseling. Kelly and Molly have been colleagues and friends for over 5 years and have worked towards building this 7-part workshop for the better part of their relationship. Combining their areas of expertise and desire to foster loving relationships, Roots of Love is built to help individuals learn about attachment and relationships from an individual, physical, and theoretical level. 

Upcoming workshop dates coming soon!

Understanding Attachment

Do you have anxiety about losing your relationship? Do you feel uncomfortable depending on romantic partners? Does it make you nervous when your partner gets too close? This workshop is designed to help you understand your relationship with yourself and others, and explore how intimacy and anxiety in relationships are influenced by our attachment styles and relationship dynamics.

Owning Our Roots

Our early experiences impact how we view ourselves and inevitably impact our relationships. Fears of being "too much" or "not enough" come in many shapes and forms and lead to behaviors that often disrupt our relationship with ourself and others. This workshop delves into Brené Brown's research on shame to better understand how shame narratives we hold show up in relationships and impact feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

Your Body's Story

This workshops digs further into understanding attachment and explores how our physical experiences of intimacy and connection are tied to our early experiences of safety and connection (or lack thereof). We explore early childhood relationships that can impact the way our nervous system responds to perceived threats to safety, and how this can have challenging impacts on building trust in relationships.

Identifying Your Patterns

In this workshop, we take stock of our relationship history and identify patterns of behaviors. Using what has been learned in previous workshops, we'll dig deeper into recognizing of the role attachment and shame narratives in your relationship dynamics and conflicts. We'll work to identify and commit to practices that break out of the patterns that haven't been working and build towards more secure relationships.

What is a Loving Relationship?

In order to have loving relationships with others, we need to have a loving relationship with ourself. This workshop furthers the work in previous sessions to identify early shame narratives internalized from childhood, take accountability in the way you have perpetuated those messages through internal dialogue and behaviors towards yourself and others, and empower you to make loving changes from the inside out.

Building Compassion

From understanding, we can foster compassion and change. This workshop is designed to build tools and resources for healing your attachment and childhood wounds and moving into a loving relationship with yourself and others. We'll develop self-compassion skills, learn to release stress, and build resilience towards shame messages.

Value-led Relationships

Our final workshop will help you identify your values and use these as a guide towards moving into loving relationship with yourself and others. We will identify behaviors and choices that support these values and bring you closer to the loving relationships you deserve.





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